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At Bestel, we bridge cultures and connect the world through the power of language. As a prime translation agency, we are dedicated to providing top-notch language solutions that enable seamless communication across borders and industries. With a team of highly skilled linguists and a commitment to excellence, we are your go-to partner for all your translation and localization needs.

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What services do we offer?


Accurate and culturally-sensitive translation services for documents, websites, marketing materials, legal texts, and more.


Tailoring your content to resonate with local audiences while respecting cultural nuances and preferences.


Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation at conferences, meetings, events, online or on-site

Proofreading and editing

Fine-tuning your translated materials to ensure linguistic accuracy, consistency, and polished quality.


Enhancing your multimedia content accessibility and impact through expert subtitling services.


Machine translation post-editing involves human translators or editors reviewing and improving the output generated by machine translation (MT) systems. We work on machine translation provided by the client - we offer light (where the human editor makes minimal corrections) and full (where the human editor essentially retranslates the content to ensure high quality) post-editing.

Certified translation

А certified translation is a translated document accompanied by a signed statement from the translator affirming its accuracy and completeness. It is typically required for legal, official, or immigration purposes, providing assurance of the translation's authenticity and reliability.


Transcreation, short for "creative translation," is a specialized form of translation that goes beyond linguistic accuracy to focus on adapting content for a specific target audience in a way that preserves the intended message, tone, style, and cultural nuances. Transcreation is commonly used for marketing, advertising, branding, and creative content that relies heavily on cultural references, wordplay, humor, or emotional appeal.

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    How to order a translation?


    Order placement

    You submit your translation request, specifying details like languages, deadlines, and any specific requirements.


    Project assessment and quotation

    We review the project details, assess complexity, and determine resource requirements. Then, we provide you with a quote based on project specifications, including cost, timelines, and any additional services.


    Assignment to translator

    We assign the project to a suitable translator, based on your request, the language pair and subject matter expertise.


    Finalization and delivery

    The translated content is finalized and we deliver it to you in the agreed-upon format and within the specified timeframe.

    Why choose us?


    Timely delivery

    Customized solutions


    Extensive portfolio


    As a leading translation agency based in North Macedonia, our expertise naturally extends to encompass all Balkan languages. From Serbian and Croatian to Albanian and beyond, we ensure precise and culturally nuanced translations. Additionally, we excel in translating from some of the most widely spoken Western languages into Macedonian, facilitating seamless communication across diverse regions and industries.

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